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About Us

Welcome to Heduca Foundation

Heduca, is an NGO and a Community Benefit Organisation with its headquarters in Ghana and a branch in the United Kingdom, and its core objective to educate the world on health matters with emphasis on acceptance, treatment and prevention, and supporting research institutions in cure development.

Heduca has a Secretariat headed by an Executive Trustee as a Chief Project Director is responsible to oversee the execution of our policy and programmes and for the management and implementation of projects.

The organisation has the following multi-faceted organisational human resource and organisational architecture that can continually contribute visionary, strategic, management, operations and experiential learning support services.

  • A Board of Trustees
  • Advisors & Resource Professionals
  • Program Executive Committees and Mentors
  • COM Team
  • Volunteer-Intern Teams

The operations and management is administered by team participation of the Directors, Coordinators and the members of the Project Executive Committees, volunteer-professionals and trainees/interns from within Ghana and abroad.

Our passion is at the core of all that we, as an organisation, do. Our commitment to applying the values to the way we work makes us unique among other, similar, development NGOs. We are Self-motivated, Experiential Learners, System and Design Thinkers, Researchers, Global-local Citizens, Leaders, Grassroot level development workers, Social Innovators, Community Educators and capacity builders, Change-makers/change-agents, Team-members, Reliable partners, Humane and Responsive, Culturally Sensitive and respectful, Ethical and professional We value honesty, integrity, dedication to our cause and the motivation and resolve to overcome any obstacles. Self-initiative and leadership combined with cultural sensitivity and teamwork are the primary traits we hope to discover and promote among our team-members.

We believe knowledge is power and knowing the dynamics of your health is the ultimate goal to a better coexistance and harmonous living with self and your surroundings We are inspired by the idea of motivated youth contributing to greater global good by leading community health education and sustainable development initiatives based on the principles of local-private partnership and global-local citizenship.

Our Vision and Mission

Every human being is capable, confident and a responsible global citizen. Heduca envisions a world where all people have the opportunity and capacity to direct social, environmental, and economic resources toward sustainable healthcare that improve lives and communities.

Our mission is to

  • develop and administer effective programs that have at their core the goals of spreading knowledge and awareness, imparting skills, creating opportunities and capacity building amongst individuals, families and community groups leading to sustainable healthcare development and
  • develop and implement creative community-based strategies to enhance pathways for private-public health, economic empowerment, intellectual freedom, and ecological consciousness among individuals, families and social groups working to achieve their rationalized healthcare needs.